VIAS ABOGADOS & Consultores

VIAS ABOGADOS & Consultores is the law firm and associated economists for the legal, economic and tax service of all types of Spanish and foreign companies as well as family assets.

The vocation of the firm is to serve companies in their foundation, growth and consolidation at a national and international level, as well as advice in crisis situations, bank restructuring and bankruptcy procedures and the protection, management and optimization of business assets and relatives.

Our level of performance in pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy headquarters, includes both the work as lawyers of companies in bankruptcies, lawyers of creditors, especially of first-level banking entities, and the function of Bankruptcy Administration. This wide scope of action allows us to have a global knowledge of the process that differentiates us from other firms.

Since 1997, the professionals integrated in the firm have been protagonists of the defense of the interests of their clients in the offices of Barcelona and Madrid, working simultaneously on matters of the two capitals of Spain and the entire national territory. The firm advises foreign groups that want to establish themselves in Spain as well as Spanish and European groups that want to internationalize, with special experience in Latin America and Italy where we have close collaborators who attend to the interests of the matters entrusted to the firm.

The Ibero-American countries where we have the most presence and experience are Peru (Lima), Colombia (Bogotá), Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo). In Italy we have offices in Milan and Naples. We have an Italian desk in Madrid and Barcelona to serve Italian clients.

The Firm has the work and commitment of 10 people, a team of 7 excellent professionals and 3 efficient professional administrative supports that allow us to serve our clients with the utmost professionalism.


We focus on providing our professional services prioritizing:

  • Personal attention and constant support to our client.
  • The internalization and understanding of the client’s context and philosophy beyond the specific case that is presented.
  • Quick communication and responsiveness.
  • Advice and integral management of the entrepreneur and investor.
  • Financial consulting and real estate brokerage
  • Latinamerica Desk
  • Italian Desk
  • Criminal defense economic crimes