We focus our efforts on providing our professional services prioritizing:

– Personalized attention and constant support to our client.
– The internalization and understanding of the client’s context and philosophy beyond the
concrete case that is presented.
– Quick communication and responsiveness.

Procedural Law

Although in most cases the legal issues related to companies are tried to resolve without the need to initiate proceedings in the courts, there are times when these are unavoidable.

For this reason, once a judicial process has begun, in Vias Abogados we put at your service the best accompaniment to solve this process in an agile and successful way thanks to the years of experience of our procedural team.

From extrajudicial negotiations to defense in court, through the study and generation of documentation, expert opinions and the attorney general’s office, we carry out the entire process and develop the best judicial strategy in commercial, civil, economic criminal, fiscal, administrative, labor processes.

We understand procedural law in commercial disputes as one more instrument to achieve your business objectives, either directly with the lawsuit or indirectly.