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We focus our efforts on providing our professional services prioritizing:

– Personalized attention and constant support to our client.
– The internalization and understanding of the client’s context and philosophy beyond the
concrete case that is presented.
– Quick communication and responsiveness.

Commercial Law

In recent times not only efficiency but also speed in business has become paramount to achieve success.

At Vias Abogados we are in line with this new environment and we offer our clients a service that, giving the maximum guarantees in terms of formal and legal requirements, is agile, digital and adapted to their needs.

We help you in all these facets of your business:

Constitution of societies. We carry out all the procedures and generate all the necessary documents to formalize your business project, taking into account that we propose to avoid models and adapt the statutes of the company and, where appropriate, the private agreements of partners to their true interests.

Board Secretary: Many companies have been relying on the figure of a professional non-director secretary who ensures legal compliance with corporate agreements.

Mergers These operations are very technical and require attention and experience. At Vias Abogados we have the tools so that the merger is contemplated protecting the interests of all parties.

Acquisitions and Due diligence. At Vias Abogados we have the best consultants and experts in business acquisition. We advise you so that your company can acquire another company or be acquired by another company with the maximum guarantee and the most favorable valuation for you.

Off shore. We carry out a complete study of the legal requirements to be able to locate your company abroad, thus obtaining the best tax conditions.

Business hiring. We draw up contracts that reflect the agreements reached with your clients and suppliers, always defending their interests.

Competition law. We take care to protect your business from illegal or unfair practices by your competition.

Industrial and intellectual property. We help you protect the patents, developments, methodologies and knowledge in which you have invested time, money and resources of your company.

Insurance We have extensive experience advising on hiring the most appropriate insurance for your activity as well as defending the rights of your company as an insured, knowing in depth the fine print of the contracts.