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Jorge Fuset (Managing Partner)


Borja Vallbona (Managing Partner)

Jorge Fuset

Jorge Fuset practicing lawyer since 1994.

Since licensing has led a significant number of legal proceedings and advised numerous Spanish and foreign companies. He has combined his professional career with his involvement in business organizations and social organizations. He has served on the executive committee of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), has also held the position as a member on the board of the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME), secretary general of the Spanish Confederation Associations of Young Entrepreneurs (CEAJE), the General Secretariat of the Iberoamerican Federation of Young Entrepreneurs (FIJE), secretary general of the In-

  Josep VIAS

Since he finished his degree, has exercised the profession, as an economist, tax, financial and strategic and financial consulting services to leading companies in any industry consultant. Currently holds activity along with his technical team of high educational level, being specialist advice to continued economic level, the necessary departments of their clients, and the liquidation of all kinds of national and intra taxes. It acts as an external director in several companies of importance in terms of financial strategy, as well as search and achieving greater profitability in tax technical issues at the enterprise level. It also provides advice to individuals for achieving the appropriate tax savings on large estates or effects of Income Tax for Individuals, Wealth Tax and Inheritance Tax and Donations people. Currently he highlighted the strong presence in counseling and management of information tax assets and rights abroad. Specialist manage and advise on tax inspections, as well as financial reporting in the sale of companies and / or business units, study and preparation of due-diligence and study and comprehensive reporting of financial performance. In recent years he has participated in numerous bankruptcy proceedings and refinancing, with comprehensive study of aspects and financial consequences in such matters. Degree: - Diploma in Business Studies at the UB
- Bachelor of Business Administration in UAO
- Graduate Tax Specialization in the Association of Economists of Catalonia
- Master in Accounting and Auditing at the UB
- Various courses and update on tax matters


Jorge Fuset
Trade and procedural law (Lawyer)
  Borja Vallbona (Socio Fiscal)

dependent Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Catalonia (AIJEC), among other business organizations. He is a trustee and president of the Insured's Defense Fund (ADF) and a member of the Circle of Economics.

Among his specialties is the commercial and civil law, international legal coordination and procedural law. Their ability to identify and mediate different business interests have led him to hold different ministries boards. His experience in Latin America is an important value in European companies wishing to internationalize in the aforementioned region. He leads a team commercial and procedural capacity to act freely in matters of both major Spanish and international levels, especially in the Latin American area.


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Bachelor of Laws (Lawyer)
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